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Innovation / Overview

Combining the high specific thrust of jet engines, with the quick response times of BLDC motors, we have created an immensely powerful and manoeuvrable UAV. Being a VTOL, it does not require a runway to operate and can take off and land on virtually any flat surface.

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Capabilities / Differentiation

Due to the Extremely high energy density of jet A-1 aviation fuel (12,000 Wh/kg) compared to batteries (<250 Wh/kg), Hydra is able to pack huge amounts of power into a small, lightweight form factor.

Our advanced AI powered sensor suite enables Hydra to operate GPS denied environments.

Energy Density (Wh/kg)
Typical Li-Po battery
High performance Li-Ion battery
Li-S battery
Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Jet Fuel
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Using a long line and cargo net made of Kevlar, Hydra can carry up to 400 kg in a standard NATO half pallet (1 m x 1.1 m x 1.2 m) form factor. It can also mount a payload to its underside using a L3Harris 'Gnat' store release unit designed for a NATO 14" rail system.

The long line can be detached to allow for easy loading and unloading of the payload.

Hydra can also perform a fully autonomous supply drop, as no human is required to unload the cargo.

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Computer Vision

With a full 360⁰ day/night view, Hydra can detect and track static and moving objects within 2 km.

The autonomous and intelligent Sense and Avoid system chooses the best route and behaviour to avoid high-speed objects on a collision course.

By integrating Deep Neural Networks into the hybrid sensing system, it is not only able to adapt to varying weather conditions, but also able to increase the level of expertise of the system.

Just like a human pilot, the more flights Hydra performs the more experience it gains. Mission planning can be performed autonomously onboard Hydra and can also be adjusted dynamically to compensate for unplanned situations such as a change in weather, lack of fuel or change in target location.

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