Hybrid drone Technology
Pioneer a new generation of heavy lift drones using hybrid propulsion technology.
Made in Britain.

Founded by a team of Aeronautical Engineers, Hydra combines the latest in UAS technology, with cutting edge micro jet turbines to push the limits on Payload and Range, whilst maintaining a compact footprint.
Hydra makes use of advanced artificial intelligence to enable BVLOS flight capability.

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Hybrid Gas Turbine-Electric Drone

Hydra is a patented heavy lift drone, where the primary novelty is a combined (hybrid) thrust concept, comprising of a rotor system, augmented by jet turbines for heavy lifting.

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There are many potential applications for a drone which has the capacity to rapidly lift, deploy and extract payloads up to 100 kg, a distance of up to 8 km, within 10 mins.

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Other than Last-Mile Resupply, there are several use cases for our technology, including: Mining, Construction, Autonomous Shipping and Search & Rescue.

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